Making Education, Personalized to your child

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Like many parents, Amy was struggling to keep track of all the things she wanted her children to focus on. She had 3 children, but not all of her children were having tuition. Her eldest was, but her younger 2 were still being taught by her. While she had thought of using technological solutions, she felt that apps somehow made things more complicated, rather than making things easier.


Huuve's core focus is on the ease of use of the application, for a parent to either self-manage his/her child, or to rely on the expertise of a tutor, while still being able to keep track of the progress of the child.


Like many parents, Rob had no idea what to ask the tutor to do. After all, he had not had the time to look deeply into the syllabus and find out

what exactly his child was expected to learn each term, much less each year.


Huuve's suggested KPIs are abstracted right from the core syllabus, ensuring that your child is putting his/her efforts, where it really counts.




Thames wanted to know how soon his child would be able to master the syllabus. Otherwise, how would he know whether to provide more help 

during the holidays?


Huuve provides such insights and more, to ensure that the child is developed to his/her maximum potential.